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Intro­duct­ory Words Jesus is gradu­ally approach­ing Jer­u­s­alem and he con­tin­ues to recall people’s atten­tion on the right path to the Read more
Pro­logue This Sunday Gos­pel is still on pray­er but from a dif­fer­ent per­spect­ive. If Luke 18:1–8 is on the con­stancy Read more
Intro­duc­tion      The teach­ing on grat­it­ude is imme­di­ately accom­pan­ied by the teach­ing on con­stancy and non-aban­don­ment. This Sunday Gos­pel presents a Read more
Intro­duc­tion Luke 17:11–19 is a fur­ther cla­ri­fic­a­tion of the Gos­pel of last Sunday (Luke 17:5–10). Jesus is gradu­ally approach­ing Jer­u­s­alem Read more
The found­a­tion of Luke 17:5–10 As indic­ated above, Luke 17:5–10 can­not be under­stood without Luke 17:1–4. Luke 17:1–4 is the Read more
Intro­duc­tion Ori­gin­ally, the incid­ent of the rich man and the poor man was spe­cific­ally addressed to the Phar­isees. Today, it Read more
Pre­amble After address­ing and remind­ing the Phar­isees and the Scribes that people should not be judged based on the fact Read more
Premise Luke opens the fif­teenth chapter of the Gos­pel with two groups of people who clustered around Jesus with the Read more
Pro­logue After listen­ing to Jesus’ words to the invit­ees and their host (cf. Luke 14:1.7–14), one of the invit­ees sit­ting Read more
Pro­logue Fol­low­ing Jesus’ warn­ing on the danger of not enter­ing through the nar­row door, and on the pro­vok­ing say­ing that Read more
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