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Intro­duc­tion The Len­ten peri­od is gradu­ally pro­gress­ing towards the resur­rec­tion, the ful­fil­ment of sal­va­tion. The Len­ten Sundays con­tin­ue to enrich Read more
Intro­duc­tion   Hav­ing suc­cess­fully con­cluded his retreat, Jesus offi­cially begins his mis­sion. As soon as he came down from the moun­tain, Read more
Intro­duc­tion With the cel­eb­ra­tion of Ash Wed­nes­day, Chris­ti­ans all over the world (par­tic­u­larly, the Cath­ol­ic Church) begin an import­ant and Read more
Intro­duc­tion In the Gos­pel of last Sunday, we reflec­ted on Jesus’ teach­ing and admon­i­tion to the dis­ciples and Chris­ti­ans on Read more
Intro­duc­tion After the beatitudes and the woes, this Sunday Gos­pel presents a con­tinu­ation of last week read­ing. It is the Read more
Intro­duc­tion Last Sunday we heard Jesus call Peter to be his dis­ciple after teach­ing them how to dig deep and Read more
Intro­duc­tion Duc in altum – put out into the deep! Jesus’ sole mis­sion con­sisted and still con­sists in teach­ing people Read more
Intro­duc­tion We con­tin­ue to read about Jesus’ activ­ity in the Temple of Syn­agogue. As I explained last week, after read­ing Read more
Intro­duc­tion “Since many have under­taken to set down an orderly account of the events that have been ful­filled among us, Read more
Intro­duc­tion With the Christ­mas and New Year fest­iv­it­ies over, the liturgy returns to the Ordin­ary Time of the year, with Read more
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