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Intro­duc­tion In this Sunday Gos­pel read­ing, the Jew­ish author­it­ies con­tin­ue to look for a way to trap Jesus in his Read more
Intro­duc­tion Are God and gov­ern­ment in oppos­i­tion? The Jew­ish author­ity were determ­ined to elim­in­ate Jesus. Since their oth­er attempts failed, Read more
Intro­duc­tion After the par­able in Mat­thew 21:33–43, the chief priests and the scribes real­ized Jesus was refer­ring to them. Their Read more
Intro­duc­tion   In last Sunday Gos­pel (Matt 21:28–32), Jesus reminded the reli­gious lead­ers (priests and eld­ers) that those they regard Read more
Intro­duc­tion    The chief priests and the eld­ers of the people were the worst oppon­ents of Jesus, and there­fore, of Read more
Intro­duc­tion    With par­ables based on con­crete and every­day life, Jesus con­tin­ues to por­tray the true image of the king­dom Read more
Intro­duc­tion This Sunday Gos­pel (18:21–35) is a fol­low-up to that of last Sunday (Matt 18:15–20). The theme of con­flict can­not Read more
Con­flict res­ol­u­tion Con­flict arises from dif­fer­ences. It occurs whenev­er people dis­agree over their val­ues, motiv­a­tions, per­cep­tions, ideas, or desires. Some­times Read more
Intro­duc­tion   In the Gos­pel of last Sunday (Matt 16:13–20), Jesus’ iden­tity (as the anoin­ted One of God – Chris­tos) Read more
Jesus’ iden­tity    “When Jesus went into the region of Caesarea Phil­ippi he asked his dis­ciples, ‘who do people say Read more
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