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Intro­duc­tion Again, happy feast of the resur­rec­tion of Jesus! I hope you are still enjoy­ing the bless­ings and grace of Read more
Intro­duc­tion The resur­rec­tion of Jesus Christ is the most sig­ni­fic­ant event in human his­tory.  Chris­tian­ity is based on the resur­rec­tion Read more
Intro­duc­tion After the Len­ten peri­od, here comes the Palm Sunday that marks the begin­ning of the holy week. I wish Read more
Intro­duc­tion When we remem­ber that this Sunday is the last Sunday of lent and, that next Sunday (March 25 2018) Read more
Intro­duc­tion In the First Sunday, we read about Jesus being led to the desert by the Holy Spir­it, in pre­par­a­tion Read more
Intro­duc­tion Hav­ing pre­pared and for­ti­fied him­self, and hav­ing taken pos­ses­sion of the Laws and Proph­ets, Jesus can now head towards Read more
Hav­ing suc­cess­fully con­cluded his retreat, Jesus offi­cially begins his mis­sion. As soon as he came down from the wil­der­ness, and Read more
Intro­duc­tion With the cel­eb­ra­tion of the Ash Wed­nes­day, the Church (Cath­ol­ic Church) begins an import­ant and unique moment in her Read more
What is lep­rosy? The World Health Organ­iz­a­tion (WHO) explains lep­rosy (also known as Hansen’s dis­ease) as a chron­ic infec­tious dis­ease Read more
Intro­duc­tion Jesus fame spread every­where but he did not sit still as many would. Instead, he ‎con­tin­ued to spread the Read more
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