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The hour has come “Fath­er, the hour has come; glor­i­fy your Son so that the Son may glor­i­fy you” (John
Intro­duc­tion While some events are self-explan­at­ory, oth­ers need to be inter­preted. Again, some­times, the mean­ing por­trayed by some events are
Intro­duc­tion Due to the zeal and ded­ic­a­tion of the apostles, the Gos­pel mes­sage expan­ded bey­ond the bound­ar­ies of Jer­u­s­alem and
Intro­duc­tion In the past two Sundays, we reflec­ted on com­mu­nion and fear­less­ness as the fruits of resur­rec­tion. This Third Sunday
Intro­duc­tion For oth­ers, the Paschal feast is over, but not for the Cath­ol­ic Church. Litur­gic­ally, the Cath­ol­ic Church is still
Intro­duc­tion In his second volume, Luke provides us with a detailed account of the mis­sion­ary cum pas­tor­al activ­it­ies of the
(Ref. Texts: Isa 50:4–7; Phil 2:6–11; Mark 14:1–15:47) Intro­duc­tion After the Len­ten peri­od, here comes the palm Sunday that marks
(Ref. Texts: Ezek 37:12–14; Rom 8:8–11; John 11:1–47)   Intro­duc­tion Rein­ter­pret­ing the text of Isai­ah (61:1–2a) in Luke 4:16–20, the
(Ref. Texts: 1Sam  16:1b.6–7.10–13a; Eph 5:8–14; John 9:1–41) Intro­duc­tion John chapter nine (John 9) is meant to show that things
(Ref. Texts: Exod 17:3–7; Rom 5:1–2.5–8; John 4:5–42) Intro­duc­tion The Len­ten peri­od is gradu­ally pro­gress­ing towards the resur­rec­tion, the ful­fil­ment
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