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Intro­duc­tion Depend­ing on their litur­gic­al arrange­ment and agree­ment too, for some Cath­ol­ics, this Sunday is the Ascen­sion Sunday, while for Read more
Intro­duc­tion This Sunday is a con­tinu­ation of the Gos­pel of the last Sunday. If Jesus is the good shep­herd and Read more
Intro­duc­tion    Last Sunday, John presen­ted to us the image of Jesus the good shep­herd. A good shep­herd who lays Read more
Intro­duc­tion         Among his vari­ous descrip­tions or present­a­tions of Jesus, the author of the Gos­pel accord­ing to John views Jesus as Read more
Intro­duc­tion Although in a dif­fer­ent con­text and dif­fer­ently too, Luke presents the account of the resur­rec­ted Jesus present­ing him­self to Read more
Intro­duc­tion Again, happy feast of the resur­rec­tion of Jesus! I hope you are still enjoy­ing the bless­ings and grace of Read more
Intro­duc­tion The resur­rec­tion of Jesus Christ is the most sig­ni­fic­ant event in human his­tory.  Chris­tian­ity is based on the resur­rec­tion Read more
Intro­duc­tion After the Len­ten peri­od, here comes the Palm Sunday that marks the begin­ning of the holy week. I wish Read more
Intro­duc­tion When we remem­ber that this Sunday is the last Sunday of lent and, that next Sunday (March 25 2018) Read more
Intro­duc­tion In the First Sunday, we read about Jesus being led to the desert by the Holy Spir­it, in pre­par­a­tion Read more
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