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This Sunday Gos­pel read­ing presents before us a very vital theme: iden­tity. There are vari­ous and var­ied defin­i­tions of iden­tity. Gen­er­ally, iden­tity is the con­di­tion of being the same as some­thing described, claimed, or asser­ted, or of pos­sess­ing a char­ac­ter claimed. That is, if “X” is a teach­er and “Y” is a trader, both must show the char­ac­ter­ist­ics of a teach­er and a trader. Fail­ure to do so res­ults in an iden­tity crisis and even­tu­ally the loss of one’s iden­tity. In oth­er words, if “X” begins to behave like “Y”, and “Y” behaves like “X”, both will lose their iden­tit­ies. Con­sequently, a teach­er, a trader, reli­gious lead­ers (Priests, Pas­tors, Imams, Rab­bis), a mar­ried woman or man, a moth­er or a fath­er, the pres­id­ent of a nation, a gov­ernor, a mayor/mayoress, a med­ic­al doc­tor, a nurse, a secur­ity agent, and oth­ers, whose mod­us vivendi and mod­us operandi do not cor­res­pond to what he/she is, has ser­i­ous iden­tity problem.

Consequence of identity loss

Had Jesus lived accord­ing to the indic­a­tions of the people, he would have lost his iden­tity. This fun­da­ment­al. Today, things are not going well in the world. There are wars in almost every corner of the uni­verse. There are a series of unre­solved con­flicts between indi­vidu­als, com­munit­ies, nations, reli­gions, and fam­il­ies. In some nations (like Niger­ia), cor­rup­tion has ris­en to the highest decim­al point, and people are cor­rupt bey­ond cor­rup­tion. A world cre­ated in love and filled with love by God has unfor­tu­nately been stained by and filled with hatred by the same Man cre­ated in God’s image and like­ness. Though we pro­fess strong faith in God, our beha­viour and inter­ac­tion with one anoth­er do not por­tray such a pro­fes­sion. These are all con­sequences of iden­tity loss. We do things to please a minor­ity without mind­ing the harm to which we expose many people. We blindly and unques­tion­ably execute (selfish) orders giv­en by reli­gious and polit­ic­al lead­ers who are noth­ing but instru­ments of evil, people who have lost every godly iden­tity in them. Many people live as if God does not exist. The only way to return to nor­malcy is to return to our identity.


Dear read­er, have you lost your iden­tity? There are so many reas­ons respons­ible for the loss of iden­tity. Prom­in­ent among them are neg­at­ive exper­i­ences (grave sick­ness, con­tinu­ous fail­ure, unem­ploy­ment), greed (for wealth, money, love, hon­our, power, recog­ni­tion, prom­in­ence, praise, and suc­cess), poverty, the desire to please all, and con­form­ity. It is impossible to please every­one because even if you kill your­self, some people will still not be happy with you. Con­form­ity is a bad habit. Avoid it! The reward for con­form­ity is that every­body likes you except your­self. To con­form is to lose your iden­tity. People should be faith­ful to their voca­tions and mis­sions. Many reli­gious lead­ers are con­fused because they have lost their iden­tity. Many fam­il­ies are under­go­ing dif­fi­cult moments because many hus­bands and wives have com­prom­ised their iden­tit­ies as mar­ried couples.

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