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Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duct­ory Words After present­ing his con­vin­cing and theo­lo­gic­ally foun­ded argu­ment in defence of his stand that life’s worth does not con­sist in the abund­ance of a person’s mater­i­al pos­ses­sion, Jesus invites his dis­ciples not to pre­oc­cupy them­selves with the things of the world. They should neither worry for life, for what to eat, for what to drink, what to wear nor for life itself because God, the abso­lute pro­pri­et­or of life knows how to provide these things and how to take prop­er care of life…

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Read­ing Time: 2 minutes Intro­duc­tion Dear friend, wel­come to anoth­er week of grace! Wel­come espe­cially to the month of August. To have exper­i­enced this day is a sign of God’s grace. As we learnt last Sunday, God has also giv­en us today the grace to live this day and this month.  In the past three Sundays, we have reflec­ted on Jesus’ teach­ing on the true sig­ni­fic­ance of neigh­bour and on how to be a good neigh­bour (cf. Luke 10:25–37); the neces­sity of hos­pit­al­ity and the invit­a­tion to avoid dis­trac­tions so…

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Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duc­tion Dear read­er, how was your week? I hope you were able to handle the dis­trac­tions that came your way dur­ing the week? Gradu­ally, you will get rid of them all. Do not be afraid to fail as no one has suc­ceeded all the time. Suc­cess is the dir­ect off­spring of fail­ure. Moreover, the worst fail­ure is the fail­ure to make attempt. Hence, if a per­son fails and gets up, then, that per­son is on the way to suc­cess. The king­dom of God is the…

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Read­ing Time: 2 minutes Intro­duc­tion In this Sunday Gos­pel read­ing, Jesus con­tin­ues his teach­ings on the king­dom of God and the con­di­tion for inher­it­ing it; and on why some people work their way away from etern­al life. Last Sunday Gos­pel (cf. Luke 10:25–37) ended in verse 37. And this Sunday Gos­pel begins from verse 38 of the same chapter. In oth­er words, the story of Jesus in the home of Martha and Mary com­ple­ments the story of the Good Samar­it­an, which imme­di­ately pre­cedes it in the Gos­pel accord­ing to…

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Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duc­tion This Sunday Gos­pel (Luke 10:25–37) touches a fun­da­ment­al ques­tion – life after death. It is about the rais­on d’être of human right­eous con­duct – the quest for etern­al life. The lawyer’s ques­tion is both an exist­en­tial and soteri­olo­gic­al ques­tions. Who is not in any way con­cerned with the here­after? The concept of etern­al life is a uni­ver­sal concept. Although stated dif­fer­ently, every reli­gion and every people believes in the after­life. Accord­ing to Hinduism for instance, until a per­son attains Enlight­en­ment, Sam­sara will con­tin­ue. Samsara…

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