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In the Gos­pel of last Sunday (Matt 16:13–20), Jesus’ iden­tity (as the anoin­ted One of God – Chris­tos) was revealed and cla­ri­fied. In this week’s Gos­pel, Jesus unveils the sig­ni­fic­ance and con­tent of being God’s anoin­ted. It is not a post of hon­our, glory, exal­ta­tion, power, or mater­i­al acquis­i­tion. It is a pos­i­tion of ser­vice and ser­vice alone. This is a vital point on which every religious/Christian lead­er should reflect. Today, it is very clear that almost 80%–85% of religious/Christian lead­ers are con­fused and do not even know what their role is. Niger­ia and most West Afric­an coun­tries are typ­ic­al examples. For them, their pos­i­tion as Chris­ti­an reli­gious lead­ers is a way of power acquis­i­tion, mater­i­al enrich­ment, recog­ni­tion, hon­our, and vain­glory. The only dis­tinc­tion between such reli­gious lead­ers and politi­cians is the strategy for their con­sist­ent cor­rup­tion and insens­ib­il­ity to the feel­ings of the people they are sup­posed to serve. Both politi­cians and these religious/Christian lead­ers have care­fully stud­ied strategies to entice the poor and some­times, greedy masses. There­fore, in as much as all must reflect on this Gos­pel pas­sage, it is espe­cially meant to be a ser­i­ous mon­it­or for Chris­ti­an leaders.

Identifying my Satanas

Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are an obstacle to me” (Matt 16:23). Imme­di­ately after this, in verse 24, Jesus reminded the dis­ciples that who­ever wants to come after him must deny him­self, take up his cross, and fol­low him. In Mat­thew 4:19, Jesus called Simon Peter and his broth­er Andrew to fol­low him. Now, he orders him to get behind him. This is strange! When Jesus called Peter, he used the expres­sion deute opisō mou (Matt 4:19). But in Mat­thew 16:23, Jesus said to the same Peter, upage opisō mou. While deute opisō mou means ‘come after me’, that is, ‘fol­low me’, upage opisō mou means ‘go behind me’, that is, ‘go away’ (cf. also Matt 4:10). The same Peter that was recruited as a dis­ciple and who was made fish­er of men, is now asked to get behind because he has become a scan­dal and an obstacle.


Dear read­er, being a child of God, a believ­er, or a dis­ciple of Jesus is a spe­cial priv­ilege for which we must be grate­ful. How­ever, as one song puts it, “it is not always an easy road…” And such a cross is some­times very heavy and pain­ful. This is because the world and espe­cially, the Church are always full of ‘Peters’ who induce true dis­ciples to change their iden­tity. The selfish, greedy, god­less, and cor­rupt eld­ers, bish­ops, priests, and teach­ers of the law of the vari­ous Chris­ti­an Churches, who have lost their own iden­tity, are always ready to oppress and sup­press true dis­ciples because they have sworn nev­er to be like them and, nev­er to fol­low their evil and selfish way. They are all obstacles (Satanas) block­ing the dis­ciples’ way to suc­cess, true free­dom, and sal­va­tion. Like Jesus, you must be ready to identi­fy them and order them to get behind you. Do not for­get that you can also be an obstacle to the pro­clam­a­tion of the Gos­pel. Avoid the temptation!

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