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‎From Jesus the liv­ing bread to Jesus the mes­sage of etern­al life. Gradu­ally, the circle is clos­ing in. The sheep is slowly being sep­ar­ated from the goat. Judg­ment is gradu­ally being delivered. It is pro­gress­ively becom­ing clear why dif­fer­ent people fol­lowed and keeps fol­low­ing Jesus. Everything Jesus has said con­cern­ing his being the bread of life; the liv­ing bread; eat­ing the flesh of the Son of Man and drink­ing his blood; hav­ing etern­al life and being raised from the dead on the last day, took place while he was teach­ing in the syn­agogue in Caper­naum (cf. John 6:59). Hear­ing these teach­ings, many of his dis­ciples lamen­ted: “This is a dif­fi­cult say­ing! Who can under­stand it? Who can keep to it (cf. John 6:60)? Yes, the teach­ing is dif­fi­cult, hard or strong because they took what Jesus said lit­er­ally. Not only that, it is a dif­fi­cult and impossible teach­ing because Jesus did not tell them what they wanted to hear.

Does this scandalize you?

Aware that his dis­ciples were mur­mur­ing, Jesus said to them, does this scan­dal­ize you? Then what if you were to see the Son of Man ascend­ing to where he was before?” (John 6:61–62). There are two kinds of reac­tions to the words of Jesus. These reac­tions were mani­fes­ted by many of Jesus’ dis­ciples and by oth­ers. While many of his dis­ciples who heard the teach­ing com­plained, his words are hard and impossible to under­stand and there­fore, to put into prac­tice, oth­ers prob­ably his intim­ate dis­ciples (the Twelve) too, had the same feel­ing. Unlike the “many dis­ciples”, who com­plained openly, some (maybe the Twelve dis­ciples too) lacked the cour­age to speak out. Instead, they pre­ferred mur­mur­ing. When Jesus said he was the bread of life and the bread that came down from heav­en (cf. John 6:35.38), the Jews mur­mured say­ing “Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father……


Jesus’ dis­ciples com­plained and mur­mured against the words of Jesus that it is hard and dif­fi­cult to under­stand. They mur­mured because what they heard was not what they expec­ted to hear. Their mur­mur­ing offered Jesus the oppor­tun­ity to make them decide what to do. While many left, some con­tin­ued fol­low­ing him, which means, they now under­stand the mean­ing of Jesus’ words. Today, almost every Chris­ti­an pre­tends to under­stand the Scrip­ture.  Hav­ing seen that many of the dis­ciples (fake dis­ciples we should say) left and stopped fol­low­ing him, Jesus turned to the Twelve and asked them if they too desire to go away (cf. John 6:67). The con­tem­por­ary reli­gious lead­ers should learn from Jesus. Do not fol­low every wind that blows. Cer­tain wind can blow you away from God and can even des­troy you. In fact, many have been des­troyed by this wind. Mind whom you fol­low. Mind where you go. Pay atten­tion to what you do. Not everything that glit­ters is gold. As Jesus warned, not all who say Lord, Lord will enter the king­dom of heav­en (cf. Matt 7:21).

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