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Since many have under­taken to set down an orderly account of the events that have been ful­filled among us, just as they were handed on to us by those who from the begin­ning were eye­wit­nesses and ser­vants of the word. I too decided, after invest­ig­at­ing everything care­fully from the very first, to write an orderly account for you, most excel­lent Theo­philus, so that you may know the truth con­cern­ing the things about which you have been instruc­ted” (Luke 1:1–4). At the begin­ning of the Gos­pel accord­ing to Luke, the author did some­thing won­der­ful and worthy of emu­la­tion. He recog­nized, acknow­ledged and praised the work of those who pre­ceded him. This is a vir­tue and qual­ity many people in author­ity do not pos­sess. The vir­tue of recog­ni­tion and continuity.

Jesus’ mission manifesto

And he entered, as his cus­tom was, on the Sab­bath, in the Syn­agogue and he stood up to read and he was giv­en the book/scroll of proph­et Isai­ah and unrolling the book he found the place where it was writ­ten the Spir­it of the Lord is upon me, for this he has anoin­ted me: to bring the Good News to the poor he has sent me, to pro­claim liberation/freedom to the pris­on­ers to the blind the recov­ery of sight, to send the oppressed away/free, to pro­claim the year accept­able to the Lord. He rolled up the book. And gave it back to the attend­ant and sat down” (Luke 4:16b-20).

Jesus gives homily

After read­ing the pas­sage from Isai­ah, Jesus “rolled up the book. And gave it back to the attend­ant and sat down. And the eyes of every­one in the Syn­agogue were fixed on him. Then he began to say to them, today, this scrip­ture has been ful­filled in your hear­ing” (Luke 4:20–21). After read­ing his pro­gram, Jesus delivered his homily. As Luke explains, the eyes of every­one in the Syn­agogue were fixed on him, as he delivered his undi­luted and spir­it-filled homily. That their eyes were fixed on him alludes to the enthu­si­asm with which they waited for his words. And he did not dis­ap­point them. The same way people fix their eyes on the Pas­tors after read­ing the Gos­pel, to hear the word of God. Unfor­tu­nately, many people remain dis­ap­poin­ted because instead of giv­ing the people the word of God, many Pas­tors devi­ate leav­ing the people starved. The time for homily is an import­ant moment. It is a time for teach­ing, form­a­tion, cor­rec­tion, strength­en­ing, encour­age­ment, edu­ca­tion and call­ing people to con­scious­ness. It is not a time to take up issues that have no con­nec­tion with the Gos­pel and oth­er read­ings of the day or of the moment. It is through sound homily that people receive spir­itu­al and phys­ic­al heal­ings or fulfilment.


Those who hate the truth will always react neg­at­ively to the truth because they are sons and daugh­ters of dark­ness. But we must insist on the truth for as the scrip­ture says, it is the only thing that can set one free. Let us imit­ate Jesus in our daily activ­it­ies. More espe­cially, let us sub­mit ourselves to the guid­ance and dir­ec­tion of the Holy Spir­it. On no account should the mes­sage of the Gos­pel be diver­ted or com­prom­ised. The gov­ern­ment and those in author­ity should know it is their duty to alle­vi­ate the phys­ic­al suf­fer­ings of the people. On the oth­er hand, reli­gious lead­ers and espe­cially Chris­ti­an lead­ers should know it is their duty to call the gov­ern­ment and civil lead­ers to order. It is also their respons­ib­il­ity to alle­vi­ate the spir­itu­al suf­fer­ings of the people by giv­ing them the right teach­ing and by not befriend­ing and encour­aging those who do not care about the suf­fer­ings of the people. Let Chris­ti­an lead­ers tell the people what they should be told and not what they would prefer to hear.

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