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With the Christ­mas and New Year fest­iv­it­ies over, the liturgy returns to the Ordin­ary Time of the year, with this Sunday, being the second Sunday in year C. The Sunday read­ings will be taken from the Gos­pel accord­ing to Luke. Occa­sion­ally, the Sunday read­ings will be taken from the Gos­pel accord­ing to John. This Second Sunday which describes the gen­es­is of the mis­sion of Jesus, is an example of such occa­sion­al devi­ation. The lan­guage, style, con­tent and theo­logy of the Gos­pel accord­ing to John is quite dif­fer­ent from that accord­ing to Mark, Mat­thew and Luke. John encloses his mes­sage and theo­logy in what he calls signs. Besides 2:1–11, the fol­low­ing are oth­er signs con­tained in John: the heal­ing of the nobleman’s son in 4:46–54; the heal­ing of the lame man in 5:1–15; the feed­ing of the mul­ti­tude in 6:1–15; the heal­ing of the man born blind in 9:1–41; and the rais­ing of Laz­arus in 11:1–57. When in John 2:11, we read that this was the first of Jesus’ signs, the author is allud­ing to these oth­er signs and the resur­rec­tion, which is the greatest of all signs.

My hour has not come

Woman, what con­cern is that to you and to me? My hour has not yet come” (John 2:4). This was Jesus’ reply to his mother’s request that the couples had no wine. The Gos­pel accord­ing to John is struc­tured in two parts or books: the book of signs (chapters 1–11) and the book hour (chapters 12–21). In John 12:27–28, Jesus under­lines that although his soul is troubled, but he can­not ask the Fath­er to save him from this hour, for it is for this hour that he was sent. As Jesus taught in the Temple after the Jew­ish feast of Shel­ters, and as the Jews.…..


At a simple request to save the newly mar­ried couple from embar­rass­ment, Jesus provided vast quant­it­ies of wine, six jars hold­ing thirty gal­lons. Each of these gal­lons was filled to over­flow­ing with choice of wine. This lav­ish response to a simple human need is a vis­ion and an indic­a­tion of the abund­ance of God’s, love, care bless­ing and king­dom. It is a chal­lenge to us today, to respond gen­er­ously and promptly too when con­fron­ted with human need. We respond as best we can, fully con­fid­ent that God can trans­form our efforts, bring­ing the King­dom of God to ful­fil­ment among us. God’s love really over­flows in our lives.

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