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As explained in the intro­duct­ory part of last week reflec­tion that, “…although Mark (6:35–44) con­tains the same epis­ode as in John 6:1–15, the entire chapter six of John dwells on the body and blood of Jesus which impli­citly, rep­res­ents the Holy Euchar­ist (Com­mu­nion). This is why the Church has decided to base her Gos­pel read­ings and les­sons for these Sundays on John chapter six. The Church could not have ignored such rich present­a­tion, explan­a­tion and applic­a­tion of Jesus as the “bread of life.” John 6:16–21 has been omit­ted because it con­tains the same epis­ode of the Mark 4:35–41, which was the Gos­pel read­ing of the. How­ever, there is a difference.….…..

Quest for the bread of life

Jesus’ answer to the crowd that they were look­ing for him, not because they saw signs or because they believe in his teach­ings, but because they ate their fill of the loaves (cf. John 6:25–26) means they were on the wrong track. To lead them out of the wrong dir­ec­tion, Jesus advised them not to “work for food that per­ishes but for the food that endures for etern­al life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him the Fath­er, God, has set his seal” (John 6:27). Quest for the bread of life means recog­niz­ing that without God we are noth­ing and can do noth­ing (cf. John 15). We must always dis­tin­guish between the true bread of life and the seem­ingly bread of life. It is know­ing what God wants from you, not what you want from God. “As well as phys­ic­al hun­ger, man also suf­fers from anoth­er form of hun­ger that can­not be sated with ordin­ary food. It is a hun­ger for life, a hun­ger for love, a hun­ger for etern­ity. Manna is the sign … that.……


Do not work for food that per­ishes but for the food that endures for etern­al life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him the Fath­er, God, has set his seal” (John 6:27). Jesus imme­di­ately cor­rec­ted the men­tal­ity and wrong mind­set of the people. He advised them to use that very energy, zeal and determ­in­a­tion they use in pur­su­ing mater­i­al things to work for a more endur­ing food, food that will last forever (cf. Matt 6:19–20). They Jews wondered what such could mean. And Jesus invited them to come to him so as to cla­ri­fy their con­fu­sions. Ours is a soci­ety filled with series of con­fu­sions both mater­i­al and spir­itu­al. Many people seem not to know what they want. They can­not dis­tin­guish between ‘want’ and ‘need.’ Many seek want they want ignor­ing what they need. Mater­i­al things should be seen as the cor­ridor to spir­itu­al well-being. The Israel­ites ate mater­i­al bread and later died (cf. First Read­ing), but who­ever eats the bread meant by Jesus will nev­er die (cf. John 6:35).        

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