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Wheth­er we reside in our land or not, we can nev­er sup­press the burn­ing zeal and love of our pat­ria. It was this zeal and love for his coun­try that took Jesus to his home town, to that land that saw him grow into a man. He has been going about pro­claim­ing the Good News of God, and lib­er­at­ing people from the bond­age of ignor­ance, sick­ness, injustice, and mis­in­form­a­tion about God and the king­dom of God. And now, he wanted to do the same thing to his own people, to his own broth­ers and sis­ters. Unfor­tu­nately, this burn­ing zeal was quenched by the unfriendly and unpat­ri­ot­ic wel­come he received by his own people. What a pity! As Jesus him­self rightly noted “Proph­ets are not without hon­our, except in their homet­own, and among their own kin, and in their own house” (Mark 6:4).

And they rejected him

Is not this the car­penter, the son of Mary and broth­er of James and Joses and Judas and Simon, and are not his sis­ters here with us? And they took offense at him” (Mark 6:3). Once Jesus entered his homet­own, Mark said some­thing very import­ant. Because Sab­bath was approach­ing, Jesus star­ted teach­ing the people, the same thing he does in oth­er towns and vil­lages. Prob­ably Jesus vis­ited his town on a Fri­day, since the Jew­ish Sab­bath holds on Sat­urdays. How­ever, the pre­par­a­tions begin on Fri­day even­ings. Do you see how Jesus pre­pares the people for the Sab­bath wor­ship? Though our envir­on­ment can­not per­mit it, but we can learn some­thing from this. People should.…

On prejudice

The people of Naz­areth rejec­ted Jesus due to pre­ju­dice and bias. Pre­ju­dice is a pre­con­ceived opin­ion that is not based on reas­on or actu­al exper­i­ence. Again, it is an unfair and unreas­on­able opin­ion or feel­ing, espe­cially when formed without enough thought or know­ledge. In Law, it is harm or injury that res­ults or may res­ult from some action or judge­ment. Pre­ju­dice is a bur­den that con­fuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inac­cess­ible (M. Angelou). As C. R. Swin­doll rightly notes, Pre­ju­dice is a learned trait. You are not born pre­ju­diced; you are taught it. Pre­ju­dice must be avoided because pre­ju­dice of any kind implies that you are iden­ti­fied with the think­ing mind. It means you don’t see the oth­er human being any­more, but.….


Dear read­er, Jesus’ exper­i­ence is not lim­ited to him and to his time alone. Such still hap­pens in our soci­ety today. How many people mix God’s bless­ings because they want things to work the way they desire? How many people are con­demned and mal­treated because of hearsay? Do you know there are people whose con­tri­bu­tions are rejec­ted in town meet­ings and even in the Church because of their back­ground and because of who they are? Our soci­ety is such that if you have money, you are author­ized to say and do any­thing you like even in among and in the Chris­ti­an Churches. Mater­i­al poverty has made many “nobody” even in the Churches. When such people have.…..

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