Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duc­tion The Beatitude is the first major dis­course delivered by Jesus as recor­ded in the Gos­pel accord­ing to Mat­thew (chapters 5–7; see also Luke 6:20–49). Beatitude is a state of supreme hap­pi­ness. It could be likened to the Hindu and Buddhist Enlightenment/Nirvana, the beatitude that tran­scends the cycle of rein­carn­a­tion, marked by the extinc­tion of desire, suf­fer­ing and indi­vidu­al aware­ness. The beatitudes have been influ­enced by Isai­ah 61, which men­tions the poor in 61:1; com­fort for mourn­ers in 61:2; right­eous­ness in 61:3.8.11; heal­ing of the…

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