Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duc­tion After his teach­ings on the import­ance of becom­ing great by serving, Jesus left Caper­naum and trav­elled to the region of Judea and bey­ond the Jordan. As usu­al, Mark says “crowds gathered around him; and, as was his cus­tom, he again taught them” (Mark 10:1). The Gos­pels emphas­ize Jesus went about teach­ing. Everything he did was foun­ded on teach­ing. Teach­ing to heal people phys­ic­ally and spir­itu­ally. This week’s Gos­pel read­ing is par­tic­u­larly inter­est­ing. It con­cerns mar­riage or more spe­cific­ally, the sac­ra­ment of mat­ri­mony. It is…

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