Read­ing Time: 2 minutes Intro­duc­tion The ques­tion on etern­al life is an exist­en­tial and per­en­ni­al ques­tion. Even the so-called athe­ists and agnostics can­not avoid won­der­ing the ‘how’ of life after this earthly sojourn. It is in this con­text that we have to under­stand the ques­tion of the Jew­ish ruler who inter­rog­ated Jesus on the cri­terion for gain­ing etern­al life. The con­text of this con­ver­sa­tion is the king­dom of God and the require­ments for enter­ing it. Judging from the dis­cus­sions and the inter­ven­tion of the ruler, it appears the ruler…

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