Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duc­tion   Dear cher­ished read­er! Wel­come to the new litur­gic­al year! This is the first Sunday in the Church’s new litur­gic­al year. Accord­ing to the Cath­ol­ic Church’s sys­tem of com­put­ing, this is Year III or Year C. This is also the First Sunday of Advent and the first Sunday in the month of Decem­ber. We thank God for guid­ing and bless­ing us dur­ing the last month. Always be grate­ful to God and to those who wish you well. On this note, I wish to thank…

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Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duc­tion The feast of Christ the king is a right way to con­clude the year. Today, Cath­ol­ics in Niger­ia pro­claim and remind Nigeri­ans that Jesus is the king of Niger­ia and of the uni­verse. The pro­ces­sion marks two cel­eb­ra­tions: the feast of Christ the King and Cor­pus Domini. As we know, due to rain­ing sea­son, the pro­ces­sion of Cor­pus Domini is post­poned until the last Third Sunday of Novem­ber. Are you the king of the Jews? “Then Pil­ate entered the headquar­ters again, summoned Jesus, and asked…

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Read­ing Time: 2 minutes Intro­duc­tion This Sunday is the pen­ul­tim­ate Sunday of our litur­gic­al year. As the Church year draws to an end, the Gos­pel invites us to con­sider Jesus’ pre­dic­tions and teach­ing about the end of time. In the con­text of the Gos­pel accord­ing to Mark, Jesus addresses his dis­ciples as he pre­pares them for his suf­fer­ing, pas­sion, death and resur­rec­tion. What is the con­text of this Sunday Gos­pel read­ing? Signs of the end “But in those days, after that suf­fer­ing, the sun will be darkened, and the moon…

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Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Intro­duc­tion After his won­der­ful teach­ing and cla­ri­fic­a­tion to the ques­tion of the scribe con­cern­ing the greatest com­mand­ment, the pas­sage con­cludes with Mark’s obser­va­tion that no one dared ask Jesus any more ques­tions (cf. Mark 12:34b). Before the Gos­pel of this Sunday, Mark reports a pas­sage where Jesus cor­rec­ted the wrong notion that he is the son of Dav­id (cf. Mark 12:35–37). As Jesus noted, if Dav­id him­self speak­ing by the Holy Spir­it, addressed him as Lord, how then can he be David’s son? It is…

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