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(Ref. Texts: Exod 17:3–7; Rom 5:1–2.5–8; John 4:5–42)


The Len­ten peri­od is gradu­ally pro­gress­ing towards the resur­rec­tion, the ful­fil­ment of sal­va­tion. The Len­ten Sundays con­tin­ue to enrich us with mes­sages that pre­pare us spir­itu­ally for the paschal mys­tery. While the First Sunday invited us not to allow food, power, and wealth suf­foc­ate our desire for God, the Second Sunday explained to us the right atti­tude in the pres­ence of God. This Third Sunday an. But unlike the lat­ter, he did not come to draw water, but was rest­ing and wait­ing for his dis­ciples who have gone to the town to buy food. How­ever, this was a plot to bring the Good News to the Samar­it­ans. Jesus ini­ti­ated a con­ver­sa­tion with this woman by ask­ing her to give her some water to drink. While Jesus was refer­ring to spir­itu­al thirst, which the Samar­it­an woman lacked, the woman taught Jesus meant mater­i­al thirst.

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