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Jesus will nev­er cease to amaze us. Every occa­sion was an oppor­tun­ity to teach some­thing new. Even the dis­cus­sion on the archi­tec­tur­al dec­or­a­tions of the Temple was used as an occa­sion to instruct, teach and edu­cate his listen­ers on the true nature of the king­dom of God, and the cost of wit­ness­ing to the Good News. Both the litur­gic­al year of the Church and the civil year are gradu­ally com­ing to a con­clu­sion. The Church in her wis­dom, organ­izes the weekly and Sunday read­ings to reflect the sea­sons of the year. Nor­mally, wicked, selfish and god­less civil­ian rulers lead their nations to destruc­tion. In the same way, god­less, cor­rupt, greedy and selfish Chris­ti­an lead­ers have turned the Churches into a polit­ic­al arena, com­prom­ising the spir­itu­al life of the con­greg­a­tion. Jesus warns the faith­ful to beware of such selfish and god­less lead­ers. In Luke 19:41–44.…

Beware of deceptive signs

Accord­ing to Jesus, many will come in his name only to deceive people. This decep­tion will be for­mu­lated in two forms: “I am he” and “the time is near.” While the former is the say­ing of the Johan­nine Jesus (cf. John 8:24), the lat­ter is a say­ing of the Markan Jesus (cf. Mark 1:15). “I am” or “I am he” (Greek: egō eimi) is the divine name revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:13.14. By attrib­ut­ing this title to him­self, Jesus affirms to be the only authen­t­ic, incom­par­able unre­place­able saviour. The impost­ors will claim to be the mes­si­ah, mak­ing people to fol­low them. The dis­ciples and the crowd should be care­ful not to be led astray by these “impost­ors.”


Do not be deceived, …Do not follow them

As a response to the people’s enquiry about the time and the accom­pa­ny­ing signs con­cern­ing his proph­ecy, Jesus gave two sets of warn­ings to the people. First, he warns them not to allow them­selves be deceived by those who will come in his name telling them “I am he” and/or “the time is near.” The second warn­ing is that when they hear those words, they should mark those people and should not fol­low them because they are false proph­ets. They are scammers.

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