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As I was glan­cing through my Face­book page this after­noon, I came across this post by face2faceafrica.com “Whites-Only town in SA is a Sign of Con­tin­ued White Suprem­acy.” The town in ques­tion is Ora­nia. Ora­nia is loc­ated along the Orange River in the dry Karoo region of North­ern Cape Province. Accord­ing to face2faceafrica.com, this town has been the sub­ject of many dis­courses, both in Africa and abroad, par­tic­u­larly because of its appar­ent racial bias. Ora­nia, a Whites-only town, was estab­lished in 1994 by Carel Boshoff III, the son-in-law of the archi­tect of the deadly Apartheid in South Africa, H.F. Verwoerd.

Boshoff III and sev­er­al oth­er White South Afric­ans bought an aban­doned work­ers vil­lage dur­ing the last phase of Apartheid and turned it into a Whites-only town where the major­ity Blacks were and are still not allowed to reside. The men­tion of apartheid took my mind back to the speech made by P. W. Botha in 1985. To know more about this town, click https://face2faceafrica.com/article/whites-town-sa-sign-continued-white-supremacy; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orania,_Northern_Cape; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYbRZhymD5A; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVEcvdclrqo.

Here is Botha’s speech in 1985.

 “Pre­tor­ia has been made by the White mind for the White man. We are not obliged even the least to try to prove to any­body and to the Blacks that we are super­i­or people. We have demon­strated that to the Blacks in a thou­sand and one ways. The Repub­lic of South Africa that we know of today has not been cre­ated by wish­ful think­ing. We have cre­ated it at the expense of intel­li­gence, sweat and blood.

Were they Afrik­an­ers who tried to elim­in­ate the Aus­trali­an Abori­gines? Are they Afrik­an­ers who dis­crim­in­ate against Blacks and call them Nig­gers in the States? Were they Afrik­an­ers who star­ted the slave trade? Where is the Black man appre­ci­ated? Eng­land dis­crim­in­ates against its Black and their “Sus” law is out to dis­cip­line the Blacks. Canada, France, Rus­sia, and Japan all play their dis­crim­in­a­tion too. Why in the hell then is so much noise made about us?

 Why are they biased against us? I am simply try­ing to prove to you all that there is noth­ing unusu­al we are doing that the so called civ­il­ized worlds are not doing. We are simply an hon­est people who have come out aloud with a clear philo­sophy of how we want to live our own White life.

We do not pre­tend like oth­er Whites that we like Blacks. The fact that, Blacks look like human beings and act like human beings do not neces­sar­ily make them sens­ible human beings. Hedge­hogs are not por­cu­pines and liz­ards are not cro­codiles simply because they look alike. If God wanted us to be equal to the Blacks, he would have cre­ated us all of a uni­form col­our and intel­lect. But he cre­ated us dif­fer­ently: Whites, Blacks, Yel­low, Rulers and the ruled. Intel­lec­tu­ally, we are super­i­or to the Blacks; that has been proven bey­ond any reas­on­able doubt over the years.

I believe that the Afrik­an­er is an hon­est, God fear­ing per­son, who has demon­strated prac­tic­ally the right way of being. Nev­er­the­less, it is com­fort­ing to know that behind the scenes, Europe, Amer­ica, Canada, Aus­tralia-and all oth­ers are behind us in spite of what they say. For dip­lo­mat­ic rela­tions, we all know what lan­guage should be used and where. To prove my point, Com­rades, does any­one of you know a White coun­try without an invest­ment or interest in South Africa? Who buys our gold? Who buys our dia­monds? Who trades with us? Who is help­ing us devel­op oth­er nuc­le­ar weapon?

The very truth is that we are their people and they are our people. It’s a big secret. The strength of our eco­nomy is backed by Amer­ica, Bri­tain, Ger­many. It is our strong con­vic­tion, there­fore, that the Black is the raw mater­i­al for the White man. So Broth­ers and Sis­ters, let us join hands togeth­er to fight against this Black dev­il. I appeal to all Afrik­an­ers to come out with any cre­at­ive means of fight­ing this war. Surely God can­not for­sake his own people whom we are.

By now every one of us has seen it prac­tic­ally that the Blacks can­not rule them­selves. Give them guns and they will kill each oth­er. They are good in noth­ing else but mak­ing noise, dan­cing, mar­ry­ing many wives and indul­ging in sex.

Let us all accept that the Black man is the sym­bol of poverty, men­tal inferi­or­ity, lazi­ness and emo­tion­al incom­pet­ence. Isn’t it plaus­ible? there­fore that the White man is cre­ated to rule the Black man?

Come to think of what would hap­pen one day if you woke up and on the throne sat a Kaf­fir! Can you ima­gine what would hap­pen to our women?

Does any­one of you believe that the Blacks can rule this country?

Hence, we have good reas­ons to let them all – the Man­delas rot in pris­on, and I think we should be com­men­ded for hav­ing kept them alive in spite of what we have at hand with which to fin­ish them off. I wish to announce a num­ber of new strategies that should be put to use to des­troy this Black bug. We should now make use of the chem­ic­al weapon.

Pri­or­ity num­ber one, we should not by all means allow any more increases of the Black pop­u­la­tion lest we be choked very soon. I have excit­ing news that our sci­ent­ists have come with an effi­cient stuff.

I am send­ing out more research­ers to the field to identi­fy as many ven­ues as pos­sible where the chem­ic­al weapons could be employed to com­bat any fur­ther pop­u­la­tion increases. The hos­pit­al is a very stra­tegic open­ing, for example and should be fully util­ized. The food sup­ply chan­nel should be used. We have envel­oped excel­lent slow killing pois­ons and fer­til­ity des­troy­ers. Our only fear is in case such stuff came in! ! to their hands as they are bound to start using it against us if you care to think of the many Blacks work­ing for us in our homes. How­ever, we are doing the best we can to make sure that the stuff remains strictly in our hands.

Secondly, most Blacks are vul­ner­able to money induce­ments. I have set aside a spe­cial fund to exploit this ven­ue. The old trick of divide and rule is still very val­id today. Our experts should work day and night to set the Black man against his fel­low­man. His inferi­or sense of mor­als can be exploited beau­ti­fully. And here is a creature that lacks foresight. There is a need for us to com­bat him in long term pro­jec­tions that he can­not sus­pect. The aver­age Black does not plan his life bey­ond a year: that stance, for example, should be exploited.

My spe­cial depart­ment is already work­ing round the clock to come out with a long-term oper­a­tion blue­print. I am also send­ing a spe­cial request to all Afrik­an­er moth­ers to double their birth rate. It may be neces­sary too to set up a pop­u­la­tion boom industry by put­ting up centres where we employ and sup­port fully White
young men and women to pro­duce chil­dren for the nation. We are also invest­ig­at­ing the mer­it of uter­us rent­als as a pos­sible means of speed­ing up the growth of our pop­u­la­tion through sur­rog­ate mothers.

For the time being, we should also engage a high­er gear to make sure that Black men are sep­ar­ated from their women and fines imposed upon mar­ried wives who bear ille­git­im­ate children.

I have a com­mit­tee work­ing on find­ing bet­ter meth­ods of incit­ing Blacks against each oth­er and encour­aging murders among them­selves. Murder cases among Blacks should bear very little pun­ish­ment in order to encour­age them.

My sci­ent­ists have come up with a drug that could be smuggled into their brews to effect slow pois­on­ing res­ults and fer­til­ity destruc­tion. Work­ing through drinks and man­u­fac­tur­ing of soft drinks geared to the Blacks, could pro­mote the chan­nels of redu­cing their pop­u­la­tion. Ours is not a war that we can use the atom­ic bomb to des­troy the Blacks, so we must use our intel­li­gence to effect this. The per­son-to-per­son encounter can be very effective.

As the records show that the Black man is dying to go to bed with the White woman, here is our unique oppor­tun­ity. Our Sex Mer­cen­ary Squad should go out and cam­ou­flage with Apartheid Fight­ers while doing their oper­a­tions quietly admin­is­ter­ing slow killing pois­on and fer­til­ity des­troy­ers to those Blacks they thus befriend.

We are modi­fy­ing the Sex Mer­cen­ary Squad by intro­du­cing White men who should go for the mil­it­ant Black woman and any oth­er vul­ner­able Black woman. We have received a new sup­ply of Love Ped­dlers from Europe and Amer­ica who are des­per­ate and too keen to take up the appointments.

My latest appeal is that the mater­nity hos­pit­al oper­a­tions should be intens­i­fied. We are not pay­ing those people to help bring Black babies to this world but to elim­in­ate them on the very deliv­ery moment. If this depart­ment worked very effi­ciently, a great deal could be achieved.

My Gov­ern­ment has set aside a spe­cial fund for erect­ing more cov­ert hos­pit­als and clin­ics to pro­mote this pro­gramme. Money can do any­thing for you. So while we have it, we should make the best use of it. In the mean­time, my beloved White cit­izens, do not take to heart what the world says, and don’t be ashamed of being called racists. I do not mind being called the archi­tect and King of Apartheid. I shall not become a mon­key simply because someone has called me a mon­key. I will still remain your bright star,

His Excel­lency Botha.”

NB: What you have read is a speech made by former South Afric­an Pres­id­ent and Apartheid Dic­tat­or P. W. Botha to his Cab­in­et in 1985. This reprint was writ­ten by Dav­id G. Mailu for the Sunday Times, a South Afric­an news­pa­per, dated August 18, 1985.

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