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Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, the sin of unbe­lief, which char­ac­ter­izes the words and actions of men and women of the present time. At such recog­ni­tion and affirm­a­tion, the two dis­ciples who were with John the bap­tizer could not avoid run­ning to Jesus. On see­ing them, Jesus asked them: What do you want? Yes! What do you want from God this year? What do you want from your fel­lows? What do you want from your moth­er, fath­er, chil­dren, wife, hus­band, friend, rela­tion and com­pan­ions? What do you want from your­self? What do you want from life? What do you want from your mar­riage? What do you expect from your busi­ness? What is your atti­tude towards your voca­tion? Had it not been for the wis­dom of Eli, Samuel would have messed up his voca­tion. This is exactly the prob­lem we have in the con­tem­por­ary soci­ety. There are con­fu­sions as regards voca­tions. Many neg­lect their voca­tions, claim­ing to receive one call or the oth­er without say­ing who is call­ing them. Like Samuel, we should answer cor­rectly and accord­ing to our voca­tion. And to do this, we need Eli to under­stand our true voca­tion. As chil­dren of God,…

The lamb of God….

In John 1:35–36, we read that “the next day John again was stand­ing with two of his dis­ciples, and as he watched Jesus walk by, he exclaimed, look, here is the Lamb of God!” The effect of this con­fes­sion cum pro­fes­sion is that when the two dis­ciples (Andrew and [prob­ably] John) who were with him heard this, they left him and fol­lowed Jesus (John 1:37). As the fore­run­ner of Jesus, these two dis­ciples leav­ing him and fol­low­ing Jesus sig­ni­fies atten­tion is gradu­ally shift­ing from John the bap­tizer to the ‘one com­ing after him and who is great­er than him.’ This is the second time John is describ­ing Jesus as the amnos tou theou (the lamb of God). In John 1:29,…


We are almost at the middle of the First month of the year. As we thank God for lead­ing us safely into 2018, we must fail to ask ourselves some fun­da­ment­al ques­tions. What do you want? What do you desire? What is your aim and inten­tion for this year? What are our expect­a­tions from ourselves, from our part­ners, from our civil and reli­gious lead­ers, from our vari­ous fam­il­ies, from our com­munity lead­ers and from our friends? To the two dis­ciples, Jesus said, come and see. For us, where are we going and what do we expect to see? We must always recog­nize the good­ness of God in oth­ers. As the say­ing goes,…

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