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If a per­son is expect­ing someone in his/her house, then, that per­son must ensure his/her house is in order. Since Chris­ti­ans cel­eb­rate the birth of Jesus the saviour on the Christ­mas day, the peri­od of advent offers them the oppor­tun­ity of mak­ing adequate pre­par­a­tions to wel­come the saviour. What Mark does at the begin­ning of his doc­u­ment­a­tion as regards the Gos­pel is quite inter­est­ing. For him, the Gos­pel is a mes­sage of sal­va­tion, hence, those read­ing it must get them­selves pre­pared. “The begin­ning of the Good News of Jesus” is a call to repent­ance and to believe the Gos­pel. It is a reflec­tion of Isai­ah chapter 40.

The good news

From ‘the begin­ning’, the evan­gel­ist Mark leads us through the pages of the Gos­pel with the inten­tion and goal of present­ing Jesus as the cru­ci­fied and ris­en Lord. This is not only the begin­ning of the good news, but in Jesus’ death and resur­rec­tion we have the ful­fil­ment of all the aeons of time in Jesus the Christ. John the Bap­tizer leads us in this Advent sea­son to the one who is our Lord, whose birth we await and whose reign in etern­ity will nev­er end. This is “the begin­ning of the good news of Jesus, the Son of God.”

How many baptisms?

I have bap­tized you in water; but he will bap­tize you in the Holy Spir­it” (Mark 1:8). How many bap­tisms do we have? In Mark 1:8, we hear about two forms of bap­tisms – bap­tism in water and bap­tism in the Ruach HaKodesh. The bap­tism of.…


How do we pre­pare for the Lord’s Com­ing? How did John pre­pare? How does the bap­tism in the Holy Spir­it pre­pare us for his Com­ing? What do we need to clear out of our way back to God? We have all been taken cap­tive by Babylon. We have been deluded by the riches and glam­our of an ungodly world. We have fallen into the world’s ways of wrong think­ing and wrong­do­ing. Our Baby­lo­ni­an world is lost. As the people ran to John, and as he bap­tized them, they con­fessed their sins. This means the people dis­posed them­selves and God worked in their hearts as they pre­pared them­selves for the arrival of the mes­si­ah. How about us? How are we preparing?

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