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This Sunday Gos­pel read­ing is still a con­tinu­ation of the 5th chapter of the Gos­pel accord­ing to Mat­thew which com­prises series of teach­ings which Jesus gave on the Mount. From last Sunday Gos­pel, we learnt that Jesus has not come to abol­ish the law and the proph­ets, but to com­plete them; that we should keep and teach oth­ers the com­mand­ments instead of infringing them and teach­ing oth­ers to do same; we should not kill in any sense; we should recon­cile with our broth­ers and sis­ters before appear­ing before God to pray and with our offerings.….….….….….

The Call for Retaliation

An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for life, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise” is a cita­tion from the books of Exodus 21:23–25 and Levit­i­c­us 24:20, which placed a lim­it on ven­geance. The book of Levit­i­c­us adds “frac­ture for frac­ture for as one injures a man, so shall it be inflic­ted on him.”


Jesus’ words in Mat­thew 5:38–43 should not be taken lit­er­ally. Jesus does not mean we should be weak­lings. He does not mean we should be pass­ive to injustice.…

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