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In his second volume, Luke provides us with a detailed account of the mis­sion­ary cum pas­tor­al activ­it­ies of the apostles after the resur­rec­tion and ascen­sion of Jesus. Unlike the instruc­tion in Mat­thew 10:5–6, the Gos­pel can now be taken out­side Israel (cf. Matt 28:19–20). The gen­er­al theme of the Sundays of this sea­son will be The Fruits of Resur­rec­tion. Each part will under­line an aspect of that fruit espe­cially, as recor­ded in the Acts of the Apostles.

The great commissioning

As the Fath­er has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21). Imme­di­ately after the greet­ing, fol­lowed the great com­mis­sion­ing. Once resur­rec­ted, Jesus appeared to his dis­ciples and com­mis­sioned them to con­tin­ue what he had star­ted (cf. also Matt 28:18–20). Jesus, the One sent by the Fath­er is now the Sender. To be noted is that in this com­mis­sion­ing or send­ing, the three per­sons of the God­head are involved. 

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