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For oth­ers, the Paschal feast is over, but not for the Cath­ol­ic Church. Litur­gic­ally, the Cath­ol­ic Church is still in the Paschal peri­od. The Sunday read­ings con­tin­ue to present to us the fol­low-up of Jesus’ resur­rec­tion. After the bold­ness of the apostles, Luke presents the meet­ing of Jesus with two dis­ap­poin­ted dis­ciples who were going back to their town, Emmaus. Last week, we under­lined com­mu­nion as the first fruit of the resur­rec­tion. Because they devoted them­selves to the teach­ings of the apostles; to koinōnia – fel­low­ship; to the break­ing of bread; and to pray­ers, believ­ers lived in com­mu­nion with one anoth­er, shar­ing everything. Jesus’ resur­rec­tion must break every wall of divi­sion among Chris­ti­ans else, our cel­eb­ra­tion of the resur­rec­tion is in vain.….

The breaking of bread

The dis­ciples to Emmaus were not only dis­ap­poin­ted. They were also upset by Jesus’ inter­rog­a­tion con­cern­ing the things that happened in Jer­u­s­alem recently. Out of frus­tra­tion, they were down­cast and one of them Cleo­pas ques­tioned him “are you the only stranger in Jer­u­s­alem who does not know the things that have taken place there in these days?” (Luke 24:18). To Jesus’ fur­ther inter­rog­a­tion “what things?”, they now gave him a run­down of everything that happened, without know­ing they were speak­ing to the prot­ag­on­ist and vic­tim of the event. They recog­nized Jesus was a proph­et, power­ful in word and deed before God and before man. Luke did not tell us their reac­tion when Jesus said to them “O fool­ish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the proph­ets have spoken! Was it not neces­sary that the Mes­si­ah should suf­fer these things and then enter into his glory?” (Luke 24:25–26). Hav­ing listened to them, Jesus now gave them the theo­lo­gic­al and Scrip­tur­al inter­pret­a­tions of the entire episode.…..

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