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While some events are self-explan­at­ory, oth­ers need to be inter­preted. Again, some­times, the mean­ing por­trayed by some events are not what people under­stand. For instance, the dis­ciples to Emmaus under­stood Jesus’ mis­sion from their own per­spect­ive. That is, they under­stood Jesus’ mis­sion to be that of a polit­ic­al war­ri­or. Hear them “…we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel. Not only this, but it is now the third day since these things happened” (Luke 24:21). Because Jesus could not ful­fil their dis­or­i­ented expect­a­tions, they were dis­ap­poin­ted and were going back in anger. Jesus appeared in their midst and reminded them that his mis­sion was anoth­er as proph­esied by the proph­ets. The same thing is applic­able to his resur­rec­tion. People inter­pret it dif­fer­ently accord­ing to their wish. No doubt, Jesus died for the sake of human­ity, but what does this mean? We have tried to explain this by under­lin­ing the fruits of the resur­rec­tion in the past four Sundays. With and through the resur­rec­tion of Jesus, Chris­ti­ans are bound to be in com­mu­nion or fel­low­ship with one anoth­er and with the entire people; to bear wit­ness to the Gos­pel without fear; to repent from their sins and embrace the grace of resur­rec­tion; and to be com­mit­ted in their vari­ous voca­tions and respons­ib­il­it­ies both in their fam­il­ies, in the Church and in the civil soci­ety. This Sunday First Read­ing and the Gos­pel present an inter­est­ing epis­ode – the crown­ing of believ­ers with the Holy Spir­it, the spir­it of truth. While the First Read­ing recounts the dec­or­a­tion of the Samar­it­ans with the gift of the Holy Spir­it, the Gos­pel presents Jesus prom­ising to send the Holy Spir­it on the dis­ciples so long as they love him and obey his instruc­tions. It is the Holy Spir­it that will enable believ­ers to be in com­mu­nion, to be bold in the pro­clam­a­tion of the Gos­pel, to repent of past life and to be com­mit­ted in their vari­ous responsibilities.

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