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(Ref. Texts: Ezek 37:12–14; Rom 8:8–11; John 11:1–47)  


Rein­ter­pret­ing the text of Isai­ah (61:1–2a) in Luke 4:16–20, the Evan­gel­ist Luke presents the mis­sion of Jesus as a mis­sion of hope, encour­age­ment, susten­ance, motiv­a­tions, lib­er­a­tion and psy­cho­lo­gic­al re-assur­ance. We saw this in last Sunday Gos­pel read­ing (John 9), and this Sunday Gos­pel con­tin­ues and con­tains the same theme. Laz­arus’ sick­ness and even­tu­al death are events that will mani­fest the shek­i­nah (glory) of God.….…

Jesus wept

There are only two instances in the entire Gos­pel where Jesus wept. After John 11:35, the next instance is Luke 19:41. As Jesus approached Jer­u­s­alem, when he saw the city, Luke says he “wept over it.” The reas­on for the weep­ing is giv­en in the fol­low­ing verses (Luke 19:42–44).….…

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