Read­ing Time: 3 minutes Pre­amble After address­ing and remind­ing the Phar­isees and the Scribes that people should not be judged based on the fact that they are dif­fer­ent, and espe­cially after the power­ful les­son on the neces­sity of repent­ance (cf. Luke 15:1–32), Jesus con­tin­ues his prac­tic­al teach­ings spe­cific­ally to the dis­ciples and to all believ­ers (cf. “And he also said to the dis­ciples” in Luke 16:1). There is a close link between the par­able of the waste­ful admin­is­trat­or and the chief act­or (the young­er son) of the par­able in…

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