Read­ing Time: 2 minutes Premise Luke opens the fif­teenth chapter of the Gos­pel with two groups of people who clustered around Jesus with the inten­tion of listen­ing to him. Unlike the crowd of Luke 14:25, the Pub­lic­ans (Greek: telōnai) and Sin­ners (Greek: hama­rtōloi) of Luke 15:1 have a spe­cif­ic motive for gath­er­ing around Jesus – to keep listen­ing to his admir­able, untra­di­tion­al, and non-dog­mat­ic teach­ings. In Luke 15:2, we notice that such a move was in fact, not appre­ci­ated by two self-acclaimed right­eous Jew­ish groups: the Phar­isees (Greek: pharisaioi)…

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